Helen Cole

Sales Associate

Nicole and Helen, a formidable real estate team, combine their expertise, experience, and unique backgrounds to achieve exceptional results in the ever-evolving real estate world.

Nicole’s leadership and consultancy background in human behaviour and culture provide deep insights. Her exceptional ability to analyse trends, identify opportunities, and build relationships empowers clients to make informed decisions. Her strategic mindset ensures clients’ real estate endeavours succeed.

Helen excels in luxury hospitality and tourism. With a track record as a Sales Manager for Versace Hotels and Destination Gold Coast Tourism, she understands high-profile clientele. Her extensive network, negotiation skills, and impeccable service make her a trusted advisor. Helen’s passion for creating memorable experiences helps clients find properties that match their aspirations.

Together, Nicole and Helen form an unstoppable force, combining complementary skills, commitment to client satisfaction, and industry knowledge. With their energy, acumen, and dedication to excellence, they redefine real estate representation.


Helen's listings

Helen's listings

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