Melissa Dellaway

Office Manager

Melissa Dellaway is a seasoned professional in the Real Estate industry, having commenced her career in 2006. Throughout her journey, Melissa has gained valuable experience working in various major offices across New South Wales and South East Queensland. In 2020, her expertise brought her to RE/MAX Regency, where she quickly became an invaluable member of our Team.

As the Office Manager, Melissa plays a pivotal role in overseeing the smooth operation of our office environment. Her meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organisational skills ensure that our office functions optimally. She adeptly manages communications, establishing efficient channels to facilitate effective internal and external communication. Melissa also provides crucial support to upper management, assisting with key functions and helping to streamline workflow throughout the office.

Melissa's responsibilities extend to coordinating our reception, where she welcomes and attends to visitors and clients with warmth and professionalism. Her ability to multitask and handle a various array of tasks makes her an indispensable "go-to" person in the office. Melissa's dedication to providing exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction sets her apart as an outstanding and reliable asset to our team.

Melissa Dellaway's wealth of experience, coupled with her exceptional organisational skills and dedication to excellence, make her an essential member of the RE/MAX Regency Team. Her unmatched commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of our office, create a well-rounded individual whose energy and enthusiasm positively influence her professional life.

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