Staisha Mcdonagh


Staisha McDonagh is a valued member of the RE/MAX Regency Property Management Team, serving as the dedicated Routines Officer since joining us in 2023. With her remarkable capabilities and expertise, Staisha has proved herself to be an invaluable asset, seamlessly integrating into our organisation.

As the Routines Officer, Staisha assumes a crucial role in the management, scheduling, and execution of routine inspections for our tenanted properties. Her exceptional attention to detail ensures that every inspection is conducted diligently, providing our clients with comprehensive and accurate reports regarding their property's condition and tenancy management.

With a long career history with Bunnings, Staisha possesses unparalleled knowledge and proficiency in identifying maintenance issues that may crop up during inspections. Her astute eye allows her to promptly identify any concerns and compile detailed reports for our property owners, enabling them to address any necessary repairs or improvements swiftly and efficiently.

Staisha's commitment to excellence and her diligent work ethic make her a tremendous asset to the entire organisation. Her ability to effectively interact with clients and colleagues alike fosters strong relationships built on trust and professionalism. Staisha's dedication to our team's success is evident in her unwavering focus on delivering exceptional service and results.

With Staisha McDonagh as the esteemed Routines Officer, RE/MAX Regency can confidently rely on her expertise, attention to detail, and proactive approach in safeguarding the well-being and value of our clients' investments. Her thorough understanding of property management combined with her ability to provide insightful reports makes her an indispensable figure within our organisation.

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